President William ruto on Gas distribution

The government has presented an unprecedented proposal that aims to provide cooking gas cylinders to 500,000 families classified as having little to no money by the year 2028.

President William Ruto promised to start delivering the gas cylinders in the current fiscal year, according to the National Reporting Indicator Handbook for the recently introduced Fourth Medium Term Plan (MTP IV) 2023-2027.

The plan calls for the distribution of one hundred thousand cylinders by the first of July in the year 2024.

In addition, the government disclosed that during the 2024–2025 fiscal year, more than 100,000 cylinders will be distributed to households with low incomes.

Additionally, from July 2025 to July 2028, the remaining 300,000 will be disbursed in batches of 100,000 for each and every fiscal year that falls between those two dates.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that in addition to the gas cylinders, the government will also be delivering a variety of accessories, such as burners.

Earlier, Energy Cabinet Secretary David Chirchir mentioned that the administration will also be launching various dimensions for the gas cylinders. 

He explained that the majority of Kenyans still have difficulty refilling 6-kilogramme cylinders, which are used by a large number of Kenyans.

The majority of those cylinders in previous programmes weighed six kilogrammes, and they were not distributed to people who were living below the poverty line. 

The department head stated, "We will take the lessons that we learned on mwananchi gas and use them to support the new gas plan to help the individuals living below the queue."

Simultaneously, the government revealed plans to introduce a similar initiative for educational institutions that often utilize firewood.

The National Liquefied Petroleum Gas Enhancement is going to supply clean cooking gas infrastructure to 5,000 public boarding learning institutions. These institutions will be able to give it to their students.

Educational institutions will have access to one hundred facilities similar to these by the first of July.

William Ruto, the President of Kenya, made the announcement regarding the LPG programme in March 2023. At the time, the Head of State provided an explanation that the programme would guarantee that Kenyans would have access to environmentally friendly energy while simultaneously addressing the issue of environmental preservation.

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