There is hope in every circumstance. Philip Ochieng's is a testament to new hope after dusting off his Sh10 million-worth private school, which he builds with over 650 students, thinking that it was a good education business venture that will take him from where he is to another level.


Philip started New Blossom Academy in Mombasa in the early 2000s before changing the name to New Royal Coast Academy. He began the school after working with a tour company, Kuldip. The school rose from 20 kids in kindergarten to 650 pupils at the primary level in a period of 10 years.

Abnormal dust in school in Mombasa Dust storm

However, things took a different turn after he got married to his long-time girlfriend, Martha Mutuku. After 10 years as school director, he had never seen something more peculiar than what was depicted in 2016.

The school's population dropped to 22 children. The parents said that they were taking transfers for their children because the school had abnormal dust.

 Sometimes during the day, a small wave or dust storm could start at the school compound, and everybody would be dusted within a few minutes.

 Children had unending coughs, extremely dirty clothes, etc. Philip ordered the compound to be planted with grass and a tap so that every hour somebody would be irrigating the compound.

Nevertheless, small cyclones and dust storms will start on the neighbouring estate, ending up in his school compound, making children look like zombies in a horror movie.

 The teachers began disappearing without a trace; none wanted to get back to the school. Parents began taking transfers until the school was empty.

 Philip’s wife could not hesitate to take action after seeing her husband go bankrupt. She thought it was her misfortune because the problem began immediately after their marriage.

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 She sorted out the services of Kiwanga doctors because it was abnormal. Kiwanga doctors said they needed to visit the school and take a sample of the soil before doing anything.

Mombasa school compund dust

Kiwanga doctors visited the school in her husband's absence, took a soil sample, did a good luck spell and business blossom spell, evacuated the demons (majini) sent to the school by a neighbour, and secured the business before leaving the compound.

The wife accompanied her husband to the school for the whole term, as they had few students left.

Philip was surprised that the dust disappeared for good and the school regained students; until the Corona pandemic, it had over 300 pupils.

The man was shocked to hear that there was 'majini’ in the school sent to destroy it by a neighbour who happens to be his close friend. To get Kiwanga doctor services, call +254769404965 or visit their website

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