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Allegations that the court and the executive came to a consensus on the affordable housing program's execution have been denied by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Thursday, March 21, 2024, during the Annual Conference for Judges of the Employment and Labour Relations Court in Naivasha, Chief Justice Koome said that the judiciary cannot reach a consensus with the ruling party over a case that is pending in court.

Since the judiciary was not involved in the case, Koome emphasised, it was unable to reach a consensus with the executive branch since it is autonomous and unbiased.

She categorically refuted President William Ruto's claims, saying that the judiciary had no role in the course and that Ruto had misconstrued the exchange.

" When a case is pending in court, the judiciary has no business negotiating terms with the executive branch. 

Even though the judiciary was not involved in that course, I did my best to find the video where the president was supposedly reported as saying he had an arrangement with the court system.

"I am a judge, not a specialist in communication but one thing that I could speculate or conclude from the discussion is that it had been interpreted out of context or there was misunderstanding given that what his excellency was saying is that he acknowledged with the judgement of the court that provided recommendations on what needed to be accomplished to create a framework on how to deal with the housing levy, and what he was telling Kenyans is that the Executive wacompliedith the requirements given according to the decision-making," according to the CJ.

"Tumekubaliana na mahakama tue na sheria ambayo itapanga mambo ya housing," President William Ruto stated.

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