Senator Okiya Omtatah

On Wednesday evening, an unidentified group of individuals invaded Senator Okiya Omtatah's remote residence in Busia, demanding to know his specific whereabouts.

Reports indicate that the well-armed perpetrators of the assault attempted to breach the security of Senator Omtatah's magnificent residence, but ultimately failed in their endeavor.

They harassed and intimidated the senator's family throughout their nearly hour-long incursion, demanding to know where he was.

They professed to have a very good understanding of the complex, which leads us to believe that they were present there for a considerable amount of time. However, we do not know who those individuals were.

"I had just left my house on Tuesday evening after attending a number of events, when I received a phone call at two in the morning informing me that there were individuals in my property searching for me.

"At night, I do not associate with anybody." The senator said that those who are interested in meeting with him are aware that they may do so during official business hours, but not at night.

During the torrential rain that was falling at the time, the perpetrators of the assault allegedly came at the apartment at about two in the morning.

They grabbed and threatened my wife after she went to help herself. They beat her and attempted to coerce her into disclosing the senator's location. Isdor, the senator's younger brother, stated that when she refused, they took her to the marsh. "However, she shouted aloud creating an alert, which drew my uncle and other people who raced to her rescue."

The local police visited the senator's residence to conduct an investigation after informing the authorities about the incident. As investigations continue, there is still a lack of clarity as to the reason for the assault.

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