Residents of Mukuru kwa Njenga demonstrating over planned demolitions

Residents of Mukuru kwa Njenga are demonstrating against the planned demolition. Area MP Mawathe is on hand to address the media. The demolition talks have been ongoing for over two years now. 

However, private developers have ganged up and are ready to make it true. The protests coincide with another discussion on the same issue that took place seven months prior.

Mukuru kwa Njenga residents have held demonstrations demanding Orbit Chemicals cease demolishing and auctioning the residence and verify their ownership of the land.

These residents believe the land is government-owned, not orbit-owned.

“The Njenga family has owned the land since 1946, which Njenga's son inherited in 1958. From 1958 to 1984, the government and the World Bank constructed several developments on the land.

"The residence is on government land, yet Orbit claims ownership. We want our land back, as well as the end of demolitions. We have suffered enough,” James Kariuki, a resident at Mkuru kwa Njenga, said.

Residents of Mukuru kwa Njenga demonstrating over planned demolitions

"I have lived on this land since 1974, and Orbit Chemicals began making claims in 1986."

"We've been here longer than the company that claims to own this property. We are now living in tents," he continued.

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