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The death of Faith Musembi has caused an uproar online. However, sources claim that her death may have been caused by a possible abortion. Consequently, other sources claim there are two more possible scenarios for the student's death at Mount Kenya University. 

Faith Musembi was 19 years old, from Machakos, and studied at the MKU Thika campus. The parents received a call asking for Kshs 20,000 in ransom, which the mom sent immediately. First, it's important to note that Faith was a 'good church girl. She, however, was pregnant.

The first scenario could be that she attempted to abort, and the person who called the parents was a 'blackmarket doctor' performing the abortion.

The second and most likely scenario is that her boyfriend or sponsor is responsible for impregnating her. When her body was discovered in her apartment, her placenta had been displaced, and she had painfully bled to death.

Faith Musembi, a 19-year-old student at Mt. Kenya University (MKU), died from excessive bleeding due to placental abruption, according to autopsy results. Her lifeless body was discovered in her room at Pilot Estate, Thika Town.

It's sad news that a student named Faith Musembi had to die mysteriously in her room. Her detached placenta and the Ksh 20k sent via Mpesa to her alleged abductors portray foul play.

Could this be a case of a failed abortion? Her boyfriend, or maybe Mubabaz, if he is known, will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was or was not responsible.

Students call upon investigators to bring to book those involved in this saga and have them arrested and arraigned in court. 

"You must use protection to enjoy the fruit. The fruit may not be sweet, but you will avoid any trouble. Again, why not abstain until marriage? All these things are avoidable if we all learn about that education," a comrade said. 

"Hii kuonja onja imepea wengi magonjwa, ikapeleka wengine Jela na wengine 6 ft. Parents tu ndo wanaumia. You put a lot of effort into your son and daughter's studies, hoping they would lift you out of poverty, only to find them struggling and achieving nothing."


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