KICC climate summit 2023

The National Assembly's committee on tourism and wildlife disclosed that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spent about KSh38 million on sanitation and upkeep duties as part of the arrangements for the African Climate Change Conference, which took place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in September 2023.

The government set aside approximately KSh10 million for window cleaning and KSh28,690,968 for washing the cabro between the VIP entry gate and the main entrance at KICC.

Before the conference, the KICC Amphitheatre and the first four floors received an additional KSh1.98 billion in renovations. The renowned Jomo Kenyatta sculpture at KICC underwent a KSh5.7 million refurbishment.

Additional information reveals that KSh2 million was spent on bathroom maintenance and KSh14.5 million on carpet and seat cleaning in the auditorium.

The Amphitheatre required extensive repairs totaling KSh68.9 million, including the installation of new carpet and the renovation of media control and interpreting booths. The government also set aside KSh9 million for the renovation of the president's restrooms, kitchen, and waiting area.

Renovating the Deputy President's reception space and flooring the VIP lounge cost an additional KSh11 million.

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