Ndindi Nyoro meeting with KISE

MP Ndindi Nyoro ran away from honouring his promise to student leaders after a dinner meeting with student leaders.


Nyoro sneaked out of the meeting and vanished after promising to clear the bills after the meeting. 


"I am a student leader at one of the public universities in Kenya. Yesterday, we had a dinner meeting at the Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE). Initially, we received information that the Safari Park Hotel would serve as the venue," the student leader said.


Ndindi Nyoro meeting

Ndindi Nyoro, chair of the budget committee and MP for Kiharu, was the chief guest. "Initially, during the planning session, Ndindi had told us to use our resources, and when he came, he would sort the bills, assist us student leaders, and refund all our expenses.


"Imagine that he came, gave his talk, and sneaked out without honouring the promise, leaving us stranded." 


"You can imagine that most of our student leaders sought refuge at KISE due to a lack of a place to sleep, having exhausted all of our resources in preparation for the meeting."


"In fact, the school's principal, Mr. Norman Kiogora, disapproved of our presence there, even though he received payment to permit a political gathering," the student leader said.


Several student leaders resorted to physical altercations, believing the committee had already resolved the issue and unwilling to assist other leaders.


"This is not fair, and I would want you to let Ndindi Nyoro know that if he doesn't have money to facilitate this kind of meeting, he should not promise anything. We feel embarrassed and cheated. 


"It's unfair to assemble over 250 student leaders and leave them at war," the student leader concluded. "Let it get to Nyoro, and then let him sort out his mess."


After contacting him, the Kiharu MP was unable to provide his side of the story. This is not the first time a Kiharu member of parliament has deceived leaders. Last year, a former MCA in Nyeri accused the MP of skipping the constituency village elders meeting, despite the MP's promise to reimburse him for organising the meeting.

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