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The government sent KRA representatives to the Rahma FM radio station on Thursday to discuss tax compliance, according to Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir.

Nassir hinted to reporters at the station that the reason for the tax collector's increased interest was his current move to outlaw the purchase, distribution, and ingestion of khat leaves, also known as muguka, in Mombasa.

"Leo, vitisho na wamekuja. Hii mambo ya kila mmoja anakuja hapa, kwamba sio wao wamewatuma ukiuliza wadosi wao wanakuambia. According to Nassir, "The officials take orders elsewhere."

"We'll keep looking at this. We will move forward; kwamba mtatushika namna hii. Mmekuja, you've threatened to bring down transmitters with you. We won't be intimidated by anybody."

Nassir, who was visibly irate and haughty, referenced four court rulings that supported the ban and rejected lifting it for Mombasa locals, particularly the youngsters.

"I've never had that. Nimepelekewa kesi tano yote keasababu ya Mambo ya muguka. Kesi nne zimesema ban iendelee. Nassir said, "Embu pahali muguka yenyewe inatoka, inasema ya kuwa hiyo ban iweze kuwa suspended."

"We are not going to back down. Kama Redio zetu zinaongea kuhusiana na madhara ya muguka fungeni. Ambazo Zimekuja, the court order, will conclude this discussion. This conversation will go on."

Nassir said that he would still oppose the stimulant chemical even if President William Ruto were there, but he planned to go to a meeting to discuss the ban.

"I respect that the President ameitisha mkutano ambao utakuwa wa viongozi wenzangu; when that meeting comes, we will notify you. We are going to tell the president exactly what we are saying. We do not want a product to be enforced on our people. We are going to state it the way it is; statistics show that this product is hurting our people," he said. 

"We cannot put money in front of a whole generation. Viongozi wamekuwa na kiburi ya kuongea ya kuwa watu wetu ni lazima watumie muguka na madawa za kulevya. When someone tries to stand up and speak, you see things like this. Hii tumezoea boss; mi nimekula teargas ya kutosha."

Nassir's party, ODM, also condemned the government for what appeared to be their involvement in the disaster.

ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna lambasted the government, referring to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who has spearheaded the national push in Central Kenya, for backing the crackdown on illicit spirits but disregarding muguka.

"We note with concern the silence of the so-called champions of a sober country, keen on fighting alcohol abuse in their political backyards but quiet when Muguka ravages the young people of the Coast," he said.

"It is also unfortunate to see none other than President William Ruto himself polarising and politicising the war against the drug menace in Mombasa by attempting to countermand the decision taken by the three county governments and pledging public funds to ensure our youth have unrestricted access to Muguka, essentially."

"After an inquiry, KRA leadership denied having official knowledge of such behaviour. According to unidentified sources, this was a directive from above in reaction to the financial damages Muguka merchants suffered when Governor Nassir banned "Muguka." "

The ODM party opposes using state agencies like the KRA as weapons against Governor Nassir and his associates, who are only serving as representatives of their voters. The Party supports the Governor's efforts to address the drug issue in Mombasa.

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