County Government of Garissa leadership

The Kenyan Senate has uncovered a web of corruption and nepotism within the County Government of Garissa. The Senate has revealed that Governor Nathif Jama Adam has been withdrawing money from public coffers without any chief officers present for over two years.

Furthermore, he has been employing his family members and relatives in key positions within the government, such as Chief Financial Officer, Head of Payroll, Director of HR, and many other crucial positions for his inner family.

The Senate has also exposed how the entire county government is rife with corruption, nepotism, and discrimination.

The governor and county secretary have been accused of employing their siblings in various positions, further perpetuating the culture of corruption within the government.

Ibrahim Korrow, the Director of HR, who is allegedly unqualified and too junior for his position, orchestrated one of the most egregious examples of corruption within the County Government of Garissa: the HR fraud.

The governor allegedly covered this fraud, highlighting the extent of corruption and misconduct within the government.

The Senate should also demand that the National Government take control of the County Government of Garissa, which has turned into a family-run business that siphons off public funds intended for development for personal gain.

As a result, the people of Garissa are suffering, with poverty, a lack of basic services, and a general lack of development plaguing the county.

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