A military aircraft carrying Malawi's Vice President Saulos Chilima and nine others cannot be traced, and his whereabouts are unknown. A search has been mounted according official information. It went off radar at 9 a.m. 

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima disappears

Malawian media is also reporting that the Vice President is feared dead following a crash landing in Chikangawa Forest.

However, there is growing concern that Saulos Chilima, the vice president of Malawi, may have perished in an unfortunate landing in the Chikangawa forest. 

This comes after an incident that occurred this morning at Mzuzu Airport, where bad weather prevented an Air Force aircraft from landing.

According to Malawi24, Vice President Chilima was travelling to lawyer Ralph Kasambara's funeral in a Malawi Defence Force helicopter. 

The helicopter tried to fly back after failing to land at Mzuzu Airport, but it is believed to have wrecked in the Chikangawa forest.

Sources declare to have seen what they assume to be Vice President Chilima's chopper crashing in the Chikangawa forest. To allay these concerns, the administration hasn't yet released any announcements.

Authorities have verified that President Lazarus Chakwera has postponed his scheduled trip to the Bahamas due to the current circumstances. 

The last reported use of Vice President Chilima's phone was around 10:30 AM this morning, further intensifying concerns. After leaving Mzuzu, the helicopter was supposed to arrive back in Lilongwe in about an hour.

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