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Doing business in Nairobi is quite challenging and needs extra support to survive. Wambui Margaret, who owns two MPESA main agent shops in addition to a boutique, describes the circumstances that led her to seek the assistance of special people. 

Things were bad. Neighbours had to close their shops. SPAs owned by the city's top celebrities also closed.

Now that I'm able to explain how my business suffered losses to the point where I was ready to give up, I am the owner of two MPESA stores and a boutique, all of which are located on Moi Avenue in Nairobi.

For the last three years, I have been the owner of these entities; nevertheless, this year, an event much more unfortunate occurred to me," she explained.

"My businesses were doing well as normal in January of 2020, but as the year continued, I began to see a decline in the number of clients I had. By May 2023, all of my enterprises were only recording a fourth of the amount of money that I had been generating before.

"One day, I had the idea that I should see what other people thought in order to find out whether I was the only one going through this."

"Individually, the businesspeople located along Moi Avenue shared with me that they were going through the same thing. Because I am a devout person, I continued to put God first, hoping that one day the company would return to its normal state.

Her businesses were also shutting down. Her shops did not have customers. People kept getting away. 

"My business was on the verge of failure by July 2023. The business's customer base dropped to an unreachable minimum capacity.

"In the years before 2023, one of my MPESA stores would have lengthy lines of clients, but this time around, I hardly had ten people," she explained.

"I was on the verge of crying when my landlord informed me that I needed to leave my home because I had not paid the rent since the previous month."

"I appealed to him to grant me an additional month, but he replied with the following: "Kama hauna pesa utoke mwezi ujao, kuna watu wengi wanataka hiyo nyumba." Although I was in agony, I did not want to let my battling spirit get the better of me.

"After looking for solutions to the problems I was having with my company, I made the decision to discuss the matter with a friend who runs a salon in Donholm.

"I am going to introduce you to an individual who can help you," this specific acquaintance assured me in a clear and concise manner.

"I had the impression that she might suggest someone to me who could give me money, but instead, she suggested that I speak with Kiwanga Doctors on +254769404965," she concluded.

Business spells are a type of magic that can be used to boost sales, draw in customers, overcome challenges, and succeed in any commercial endeavor.

Entrepreneurs, traders, investors, and professionals may all benefit from the use of business spells to improve their financial status and expand their companies.

The use of business spells may also be beneficial in protecting the company from any adversaries, rivals, or evil powers that may attempt to do damage to or destroy it.

Kiwanga DoctorsKiwanga Doctors offers a wide range of business services, including the following, according to the information on their website:

A business prosperity spell aims to boost a company's profitability and revenues by drawing in more customers and cultivating a devoted customer base. Furthermore, it helps to establish a favorable reputation and image for the company in the market.

A business protection spell shields the business from various negative impacts and attacks, such as curses, ill luck, or evil eyes. Furthermore, it helps to prevent theft, fraud, or losses within the company.

Company success spell: This spell aims to ensure the company's achievement and expansion by conquering any hurdles or problems that may arise. In addition to this, it helps the company form new prospects and relationships.

The purpose of this spell is to create a powerful magnetic force that attracts new customers, clients, or investors to the company.

This spell aims to draw in new customers, clients, or investors to the business. Moreover, it enhances the quality and value of the goods or services offered by the corporate entity.

This spell boosts the business's chances of winning contracts, tenders, or transactions, bringing good luck and fortune.

Its purpose is to bring about a favourable outcome for the firm. Furthermore, it helps to prevent any delays or setbacks that may occur within the company.

Kiwanga Doctors assert that their business spells are morally sound and do not violate the individuals' free will or permission. When casting spells, they also tell their customers to be honest, truthful, and polite.

This is because the intentions and emotions of the person casting the spells have a significant influence on determining the result. They caution that intentions that are damaging or selfish might have the opposite effect and result in unfavourable outcomes.


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