Kikuyu, Kiambu county properties

When a malevolent spirit haunts your home, what will you do? When Fred Kamau Kirima and his wife Wangui Muthoni purchased a four-bedroom house along the eastern bypass in Rungiri, Kikuyu, Kiambu County, along with a nicely decorated cottage, they had to consider this matter.

They purchased the house for KSh 9 million, which appeared like a good deal for such a large and exquisite piece of real estate.

They were glad to have at last gotten close to Nairobi and be rid of the burden of paying rent when they relocated in with their only child, who had just started fourth grade.

Early in 2022, they anticipated living a contented and affluent life in their new house. But they quickly discovered that there was a serious problem with the house.

Fred's situation was different in many other African settings, where outsiders tend to draw neighbors. Some of his neighbours seemed afraid of him, and others seemed distant.

Mustering his courage, the man of the house asked one of the local boda boda riders why they were receiving such poor treatment.

The information he received left him shaken. "Last but not least, iyo nyumba mmenunua iko na majini, Kuna mwenye aliishi hapo alitoka mbio saana." 

Kamau quoted the boda man as saying, "Hata vitu hakubeba, alituma tuu watu mwezi mmoja baadaye wakakuja wakahamisha vitu vyake."

To put it briefly, he was told that the house had ghosts and that the spirits that lived there were torturing the previous occupant.

"I refused to accept them. I've heard these stories during my five years in Mombasa, but none of them ever seemed plausible. Kamau went on, "I took it as a joke," dismissing the lawsuit as a scare tactic.

He reasoned that his neighbours might be scared of him or jealous of his success and wish to keep him from moving in. He made the decision to put his family and his work first and ignore them. However, he quickly regretted his choice.

Things began to get strange three months into their stay, but before then, the little child living there could always swear he saw someone in the sitting room, in the hallways, and out on the balcony.

He described the individual as a bearded man wearing a cap with a mixed expression of anger and sadness. The stranger would gaze at him, he claimed, and then vanish.

Kamau and Wangui believed their son was only making things up or attempting to attract attention. They advised him to concentrate on his studies and stop making up stories.

The youngster was not lying, though. Everything about it felt like something out of a Hollywood horror movie. The wife said that her pants kept vanishing. She even believed for a while that her husband was playing a practical joke on her, but he later admitted that he was not involved in the underpants' disappearance.

At night, Wangui could also feel someone touching her, particularly on the days when her husband was absent or arrived late. She described the contact as harsh and chilly, as well as how it scared and violated her.

She claimed to be able to hear a whispering voice saying things like "You are mine" and "You will pay" in her ear. This caused them to start believing there was something unpleasant about the house. 

When things got out of hand, dishes might break while they were sleeping. It's possible to flip or shift furniture. Doors could slam shut or open by themselves. Lights may burst or flicker.

The TV might turn on and off or change channels. In addition, they began to experience nightmares in which the man their son had described would follow them, threaten them, or harm them.

Shaking, perspiring, and screaming, they would awaken. After realising they were not safe in the residence, they had to take action.

They deployed CCTV in an attempt to identify the problem. They even strengthened their doors, but their efforts proved ineffective. The camera captured a highly hazy, moving figure, but it was too unclear to identify.

They also tried calling in a local priest and a prophet for some prayer, but to no avail. As a result of the prayers, the spirit appeared to get angrier, becoming more hostile and violent. No one showed interest in buying the house.

They made an effort to leave, but they were unable to locate another place to live. They felt imprisoned and defenceless. When they heard the news that Kiwanga Doctors had apprehended robbers who had stolen money from an M-Pesa in Kitengela, they gave up hope.

Following four months of misery, the couple dialled +254769404965 to reach Kiwanga Doctors. They outlined their issue and requested assistance.

The Kiwanga doctors visited their home and consented to help. Inside the house, they performed a healing ritual, removing the evil curse and asserting that the owner's wife's poisoning was the cause.

As a result, there was a restless soul trapped in the compound. It was fighting the need to stop doing any damage to the living while also pursuing retribution.

"Using my more than 25 years of experience, we assisted the soul in transitioning, enabling the family to now relax."

According to Dr. Kiwanga, "Even the neighbours are amazed at how the family has managed to live here peacefully without any incidents in 2023."

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