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Alinilamba Mapaja, a lady explains how her father-in-law stole her underwear, fondled her unknowingly


Angelina Kombe sleeping on bed

Angelina Kombe discovered that her underwear was disappearing, and sometimes she found them in her bathroom. She mistakenly believed that rats or other rodents were stealing her underwear.

Angelina explains that after she was married to Karisa Kombe, all seemed to be working well. 

“I have been married to this man, Karisa, for over 5 years now. However, the last two years have been hell on earth. My in-law has been advancing on me, even though I sometimes see him lying on my bed.


“He claims it’s a sleeping bed. Then he began coming to me unknowingly, stealing my underpants and other scrupulous activities,” she said.

After having her first child with him, her father-in-law began advancing on her. However, she could not believe that her in-law could do such things despite being a drunkard.

The father-in-law would say that what she is looking for has it. He could show her what he has on his body.

“I would be looking for my inner garments everywhere. He could tell me, Look at this one I’m wearing; are you looking for it? I began getting terrified,” she added.

Angelina decided to tell her husband about the nasty behaviour, and he took action. 

“I told my husband about the issue, and he told me he would work on it. After a month, he told me that he had the solution, but I did not know what he meant exactly,” Angelina said.

Karisa told one of his close friends about the matter he was facing at home. His friend advised him to meet or talk with Kiwanga doctors. The man gave Kiwanga Doctor‘s number, +254769404965.

“My husband said after a couple of days that he had called a herbalist and traditional doctor who would look into it,” she added.

Upon reaching home, he did as advised by the specialist and waited for the results. After 3 days, his father did as usual, going to his in-law using magic to collect the underwear as well as seducing her.

The man, having touched her thighs, fell down, exposing himself after the magic failed. He ran out without clothes. He got a backache the following day, and that continued for a while before his death. 

“After 3 days, my father-in-law came in the evening. I was resting on my bed. He took the innerwear and then proceeded to where I was, saying, “Akanishika mapaja akaanza kulamba.” Nilidhani naota, Kushtuka hivi, and I saw my father-in-law down without clothes.

“He ran out to his house without clothes. It was a terrifying moment. The following day, he woke up with back pain. He was taken to hospitals without success and eventually died,” she added. 

The father-in-law died after he completely refused to accept that what he did was a mistake. He denied doing anything wrong until his grave. 


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