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Drama: Cebbie drama with her sister Akothee escalates, Akothee threatens to evict her from her house

Akothee and her sister Cebbie
Cebbie and her sister Akothee
Controversial artist Esther Akoth alias Akothee slams her sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo alias Cebbie for being a Parasite and a backstabber.
Akothee made the remarks after screenshots of Cebbie’s claimed chats with Akothee X-lover, a married man, were shared on blogger Edgar Obare’s Instagram page on Tuesday, July 21.
” Cebbie cannot be fed and then go out and gossip things that did not happen. She always trolls on my Boyfriends. I leave, she takes, ” she said. 
The Chats
Cebbie: Baby, let me ask you: do you think this sibling of mine (Akothee) has a right-thinking mind?
Her alleged lover: What is she talking about? Who are the nine adopted children?

Cebbie: She normally pretends that she is picking orphans with the intention of helping them. She, thereafter, abandons them because she doesn’t have any solutions to their problems. She doesn’t have any goals she wishes to achieve.
Her alleged lover: [Adds laughing face emoji]. Then she must be manipulative.
Cebbie: She is mad.
Her alleged lover: She is getting great comments from people [about her alleged good deeds]. I guess it makes her feel good [about herself].
Cebbie: But she has nothing at all, [in form of finances]. She can’t even pay her children’s school fees. She is already struggling. My worry is that one day, she will be smoked out. She has chased away some orphans she had taken in under the pretext that she would assist them. I already know of two boys, whom she abandoned. There is nothing [substantial] going on in their lives. She picked them in 2017 and said she would employ them at Akothee Safaris. I am telling you the boys did not even enroll for driving or basic computer classes. [Adds laughing face emoji].
Her alleged lover: This is so, so sad.
Cebbie: There is nothing special about her. Recently, the said-adopted children were subjected to hunger till they came to know about her real attributes.
Her alleged lover: Imagine, she will soon be smoked out. I am shocked at learning that she is not as philanthropic as she’d want us to believe. Even at Karen Hospital, where she was admitted [after collapsing on stage in Kisumu on November 30, 2019], the truth will come out.
Cebbie: True.

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