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Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma’s baby Mama in court fighting over her daughter’s school fees


Homa Bay Town Peter Kaluma baby Mama
Homa Bay Town Peter Kaluma calling baby Mama.

Peter Kaluma, a Member of Parliament (MP) from Homa Bay Town, is engaged in a contentious legal dispute with his baby mama over education expenses for his 13-year-old daughter.

On March 16, 2023, when the trial in the lawsuit attempting to force the lawmaker to make payments on child support for his daughter was rescheduled, it became clear that he had not yet paid the girl’s Ksh56,993 in school fee arrears.

The mother of the child, named M. A. O. by lawyer Ochieng from Ochieng and Alogo Business Advocates, said in court that Kaluma had not provided her with the cash and that the school had instructed the girl to pay the overdue when she resumes from the midterm break the following Monday.

Lawyer Ochieng Alogo informed the court, “I want to draw the court’s attention to the fact that the minor is back for half term today (March 16, 2023) in the morning and is scheduled to return on Monday, but the fee is still outstanding despite the defendant’s (Kaluma’s) claims that he has paid fees.”

Nevertheless, Ms Musanga from P.I. Samba & Company Advocates, Kaluma’s legal counsel, refuted the accusations and said that he really paid the expenses on January 21, 2023.

The MP reportedly paid the school directly for the minor’s yearly tuition with a deposit of Ksh56,000.

“For my part, I’m shocked that the remaining tuition is allegedly paid.”

“There is a copy of a WhatsApp chat between the parties on page 7 of our supplementary evidence, and on January 21, 2023, Ksh56,000 in school fees for the year were sent to the minor’s account.” Kaluma passed the message to the mother, who confirmed receiving it: “Elizabeth Muiru, a Milimani magistrate, was notified by Musanga.

The MP was reluctant to give the lady the money, the court heard.

“She agreed that money had been placed in the school’s account. When money was handed to the mother, there were reservations. If the school has requested the money, evidence of that should be provided so we may raise the issue with the school to have the accounts reconciled,” “the lawyer said.

But Ochieng argued that the MP should be required to provide the purported bank deposit slip that he contends he submitted on January 21, 2023, the day the schools resumed classes.

When the school was called, according to Ochieng, it responded that the funds were not in the account.

The court ordered the lady to provide the correspondence from the school requesting the claimed fee arrears to Kaluma’s lawyer.

They had a son born in 2005 and a daughter born in 2007, and the lady claimed to have lived with the MP since 2003 when she launched the lawsuit in 2008.

The former lawyer turned lawmaker, according to the lady, started dating another woman.

She alleges in court documents that, despite legal procedures, Kaluma has not been covering the minor’s education expenses since the sixth grade.

April 27, 2023, will be the day the matter is brought up.