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Bana Media has grown. The media is looking for serious Local English writers. The writers should have knowledge in Health, Sports, Relationship, general( how to) Tutorials and General content.

The Articles must be between 200-1000 words. The writers should be in the social media, promote their content and upon successful reaching 1000 readers, the writer will be awarded ksh 50 per article.

Business related and  Tutorials articles will receive ksh. 100 upon successful submission and publication. We are starting with local people from any background. One can earn up to KSh 1000 a day if he or she has a lot of followers on social media and wrote a good and interesting article.

We also looking for storytellers. You can submit your story and be paid through Mpesa upon successful publication of the story.

Payment is done on 30th of every month. Contact US now. or Whatsapp 0771912715 or Fill the form with the WORD (POSTS)[no-sidebar]