Primary school in Makueni in a computer session.

Education in Kenya has a lot of challenges.The system that Kenyan government uses does not comply with this 21st-century approaches and methods of teaching.Teachers are now showing ways of learners know how to learn but not giving information and feed the students.Recently in Kenya, we had allotted of strikes that were supported by the education unions that is KNUT and KUPPET.

A study done by Uwezo group shown that at least 60% of learners or students do not know how to read and write.Maybe it's because of low teachers numbers or Maybe it can be an interaction between teacher and the learners.But the majority said it is poor teacher remuneration and poor school infrastructure.At some time, it was vivid that everything done it was the teacher responsibility and accountability.

Another research was done and ended in December 2015 by a united nation body, it was discovered that not only the points listed above but Absenteeism by the teachers also contributed to 60% again of poor performance in public schools.

It was noted that education system that is offered in teacher teaching colleges is poor and not to the international standards.Thanks to the newly employed education cabinet secretary Fred Matiang who is willing to overhaul the system of governance in the education sector and curriculum at large.

Poor performance in public schools has been a big challenge that why the committee for education in the parliament came up with the education act 2015 that will enable a smooth flow of hierarchical representation in the ministry.

The education cabinet secretary urged to have equity in education and that's why the candidate positioning was abolished and now yet to abolish other inequality structures for each student to have equal rights in terms of education instead of letting it die in the hands of the rich.

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