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Pregnant Fahyma AKA Fahyvanny back to Rayvanny, expecting a second child

The most recent allegations, which claim that lovers Rayvanny and Fahyvanny are intending to give t…

Niko kwa Pain! Bed ridden Mr. Seed records a new song, Niko Poa

Following a car accident, Mr Seed has spent more than 27 days confined to bed. He has maintained hi…

It backfired! Popular Tiktoker pilot Nyako regrets fighting Lulu Hassan, begs for forgiveness

Pilot Contrite Nyako, a popular TikTok video maker, has expressed regret to Lulu Hassan, one of Ken…

Shock at late comedian Duncan Ochonjo's 'mpango wa kando and son' addresses mourners at his funeral

The late comedian Duncan Ochonjo's burial was held on Saturday in Kisumu, where a lady identifi…

From Sarah, Paula, Frida, Phiona, Bongo star Harmonize now dates Kikuyu woman

With a Kikuyu lady who claimed that she was making posts for him on social media, bongo artist Ha…

Pastor Ezekiel moves to court over New Life Church's file "going missing from the registrar of societies."

After learning that his church file had disappeared from the Office of the Registrar of Societies…

Man who cooked and ate his father's body with rice in Tharaka Nithi arrested at Giankaja village

A guy who was detained at a Tharaka Nithi county police station is now resting himself down after…

DP Rigathi Gachagua warns Maina Njenga attempts to revive Mungiki

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Any effort to revive the illegal Mungiki cult would be handled…

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