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Terms of use and privacy policy.

Bana is a free site with no age limit, it can be viewed by any person in any familyIt has top contents across the world. Bana has the most reliable content from reliable sources.
Our aim.
Our aim is to provide quality information from different angles and areas of the world through partnerships and advertisement.

1. Liability.
Content viewed on this site is liable to the publisherIts partnered to other third parties who publish and advertise on this site. (Check article 3) Any person or party who/which will come across any harmful or inconvenient article or advertisement presented here has the right to inform the publisher directly using whichever methods applicable.

2. Terms of use.
a) When a party or an organization wants to advertise through Bana, they can do so, but the Bana team will not be liable for any misleading and misappropriate advertising done on behalf of the advertiser and if any found will be terminated without advertiser consentPlease, advertisers, are solely and encouraged to read policies before submitting any advertisementAdvertising rules may apply to google rules of advertising as wellPlease read Google advertising rules.

b) Readers and other third party are encouraged to adhere to rules and procedures of media and socializing from their respective countries.

c) Bana has partnerships with some media houses and personality who contribute to the news and stories around the globeBana team is solely and eager to provide information to people across the world.

d)Information provided will be in accordance with the law of media and Google principles. Google procedure adhere to the site.

3. Third-party content.
a) Google alerts any third-party content that has malware and phishing capabilities. Whoever has such content will be terminated from the site and blocked for good unless stated otherwise.

b) Bana has no liability for any third party advertisement made on this site for legality and appropriation producers. If any third party content found to be harmful please contact us for review or termination.

4. Information procedure.
Information procedure is in categories within this site.It has several features includedInformation is obtained from different areas and from different publishers and authors. Authors are not solely publishing in this site only but also other sites as well. Some of the information may found here or in another site or partnered sites/linksBana has other sites even others coming soon.

5. Rules and procedures.
 a) Read this agreement before publishing anything except Bana tam.
b) Bana adheres to Google principles and webmaster procedures. Read both to be sure of what to do next.
c) Bana agrees to media policies and procedure. Incorrect information will not be published but may be published elsewhere.
d) Bana has the right to choose content to be published.
e) It adheres to user content and conduct policy of Google and webmaster.

6. Copyright Policy.
If you are interested in quoting, linking or printing any article or tutorial guide from Bana Kenya in whole or in part, you are responsible for abiding our copyright policy:
(The policy indicates)
You are free to use short quotes (summary or excerpts) of any posts published on Bana Kenya provided the proper credit has been given to the source web page or article.
Thus, you have to provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the source post from where you have copied the extracts. Provided that you are not allowed use techniques (like rel=nofollow) that try to hide credits from search engines.

The best practice is to enclose the copied contents within quotation marks and mention our site immediately before or after the quote along with a hyperlink.

You may however not allowed copy-paste whole contents of Bana Kenya i.e. you should never republish our content in any manner without written permission and signed by the officials.

Comments: We keep all the rights to accept or reject your opinions provided through comments. We love comments, but we have zero tolerance for spam and other sighting comments. Each and every comment on our site is manually reviewed. Any comment which is abusive or hurting anyone in any manner will never be entertained. Further, the comments which contain any link(s) will either be deleted immediately or appears only after review and approval.

The disclaimers: This website is meant for educational, guidance and giving news and updates since the 1st of August 2015. Thus, the contents of this site are informatory in nature. While every effort has been taken to provide all news and educational contents in a very descriptive way and to avoid errors, the owners and Authors are not responsible for the consequences of any action taken on the basis of the contents/ links provided on this site.

7. Agreement. 
By viewing, searching our site, you agree to the rules and procedures of reading, marketing, selling and publishing your article here.

8. Cookies. 
Bana Kenya does not collect any information unless otherwiseThis can be done by our partner who hosts the site and googles cookies which better their search engine.

Changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms of services: We reserve the right to change these privacy policies, Terms of services from time to time by publishing the revised one on our website asap.

Thanks for being part of Bana. If you are publisher welcome to work with us.

 N.B:   Terms of use and rules can be changed anytime for updating and upgrading our site. full-width