More About Us

Who we are.
It's a community site that focuses on developing new talents from the community.This site has several people who joined hands to provide only National information and we publish articles as Bana community.

Now we look forward to providing necessary and quality information that will enable people to know more about their community and other areas. Bana has integration of facts and other materials as an add-on to the site.

What we do.
Bana Kenya has promoted other sites and is in partnership with them.The only major thing that Bana Kenya has done is getting the support of several programs from the local community.

Company Behind Bana is a small business that has captured most parts of the Coastal region in Kenya. Lee Georgia enterprises have at least 5000 people who contributed to the development of the enterprise.

Our main Vision is to provide quality information and community integration as we are looking forward to working with other people across the region who did not have the opportunity of doing their passion.

Bana Kenya is a social website that gives out information to people via mobile devices and personal computers. It's done through partnerships with other media houses across the world.

What we provide.

We provide useful information/news in politics, sports, Bana exclusive, entertainment and any stories related to relationships and Dating.

Background information of Bana Kenya.
Bana Kenya (background history link.)


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