It's unfortunate for men to remain with a soul mate "soul soap" because of something that can be changed or rectified.
The major reasons why men remain single for long are outlined below.
A lonely man on the street.Men who feel that they are sick in one way or the other remain for a longer period with getting married. They stay to confirm their whereabouts of their health.Most of them are affected by infertility and other mental Diseases.
Other religions will make you unmarried if you really believe in the religion.They will give you so many reasons why you should not get married and that is marriage radicalization.Especially religion that prays idols.
Many men end up unmarried because of their financial status.The status that will make and take women away.Currently, women need people with money and fame..especially celebs.
Pretending to be something else is a sometimes embarrassing when ladies discover the true you.Men would be frustrated when their ladies have the truth and they may decide to remain unmarried.
Tradition is something that can be unique to you sometimes.It's when elders decided to appoint you for various reason that you'll hold a position for unmarried people.Especial East and southern Africa tradition, Unmarried men are used to praying in the shrines because elders say they are clean to God.

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