Men have been in trouble regarding their energy on the bed.It is really fascinating when a man has all powers and controls all the corners of the house while a simple thing would not be able to perform.
OK read more to have knowledge and less experience.Tips to make a long lasting and hard beats on the bed.

1.Avoid stress.
The only way you will be in peace with your partner and have fast feelings is when you are stress-free.No work/job stress, no social stress/ family stress the only focus is to relax.Making love is mostly better when everybody is relaxed and things the other.Think of going to the toilet.When you get to the toilet, the fast thing is to focus on where the matter will be dropped and is it the right place.Then what else, relaxing your muscles fast for the first phase to drop.The other phases will be available when you concentrate on it.You will be shocked when you feel but nothing comes out.
Yeah, that's how to be on the bed relax and concentrate.

2.Have a single partner.
Why having a single partner helps or develops a sort of a feeling that is only redirected to the other person.The majority of relationships are ruined by testing.Now if you have a what we call "mpango wa kando" will confuse you because instead of relaxing thinking of the partner in the present, you will be thinking and comparing  soup from two different meat sources.In that case, of comparing you end up loosing taste and appetite.

3.Right food.
Eating healthy is the most confusing thing.How to eat healthily.What has to be contained in the healthy diet.Eating healthy means having the right food more so, food for the specific work.Most researchers found that they are only a few foods that help a man to be the top scorer on the bed.Some of these foods are; greens, watermelon family, roots family, honey, milk, avocados for sperm count, nuts for sperm strength.
For ladies; chocolates for hormone balance, milk, yoghurt, greens and bananas which help in relaxation.Though yoghurt and bananas can be used by men also  because they contain histamine and create testosterone hormone.Greens are also essential for ladies and eggs with garlic and onions mixed with tomatoes.'Kachumbari'.

People prefer somebody with knowledge on everything he/she does.How does knowledge and being intelligent help in bed?Having the know how and experimenting what you had or hear can be a good source of lovemaking  in some homesteads.Partners who lack exploration end up being bored in the process and may even lead to seeking expertise somewhere else.

5.Lifestyle Magic words.
It's very brief, Magic words also relieve somebody from being loneliness and give out whole heartily without any compromise.The magic words here is Forgive me, Sorry did not mean to hurt you and thanks.'Sorry, forgive and thanks' are the words to spice up love process.

Those ways will really have an impact on you relationship from now and forever.

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