Current leadership is so violent and  unmature. The leaders who are supposed to be protecting the country are the ones fighting.  The current fights is between Governor Evans Kidero and Senator Mike Sonko. The fights which happened at a PAC meeting show how irresponsible our leaders are. But does this action mean our leaders are sought of dictators? When president Uhuru worn the Military gawn and talked tough what did that mean? Lets look together issues that are affecting the country.

It happens that people don not know the importance of cohesion and well intergration in the community. When the president said no talks with the opposition about IEBC at first before CORD demostration shows that the government has much powers to shutdown something that can take the country forward. That type of government that cannot listen to others co-parties for decision making then it qualifies to be a non democratic government in other word Monopolistic governmnet. 

The issue of IEBC,OKOA kenya and Pesa Mashinani campaigns were things that leaders thought it will benefit the local person. The governmnet with 2.3trillion budget needs to make the last and lowest person feel the presence of governmnet he/she elected. Ignoring suggestions based on who is bringing it to the table by looking at the face of the person and admit its unworthy to have it rule in, is seen to be one way of expanding the gap between the rich and the poor. In the politics, it shows sought of dictatorship and political breakdown.

Scandals everywhere and from all the governments arms like chicken gate in KNEC and IEBC, Scam on NYS, Corruption in Youth funds, Missing funds from standard guage railway, Safaricomgate on the street surveillance and Eurobond saga and many more from one government in a span of five years. 

The biggest worry is about the next five years if he is elected back to lead the country. That means more funds will lost, major scams will prevail, Donors will disappear, tourism will go relatively down and people will be stealing for the last time. Nobody will say a word as their leader will be concluding his time. The kenyan justice will be in the hands of the rich and poor will be much poor. The Kenyan economy will be declining in a steady way as the Kenyan shilling will going really vertical downwards against the dollar from now KeS100 to around KeS 200 by 2021.  Vote wisely and ensure that the vote is taken and counted in the elections.

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