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"STOP bad politics it will burn the country." NCIC chairman Kaparo Roars.

Hon Raila Odinga issuing a statement about the demonstrations on 4th January, 2017. PHOTO | Courtesy

The IEBC outgoing commissioners have cautioned the Opposition for spreading bad politics. They said that hatred and spreading rumours will eventual burn the country. The commissioners conclusively said that the parliament has a right to make laws that govern the country.

The NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo urged the current legislatures to stop polarising the country with political venom that will divide the country.  Throughout the year, politics have had a massive portion than developments. President Uhuru Kenyatta emphasised on one nation, one agenda to push forward the country.

Yesterday, the opposition opened up and a door of violence coming 2017 by having massive protests in counties. They also added that if the BVR method will not be used, then, there will be no elections.

The rules that were made from the dialogue table between the two parties, JAP led by Hon Kiraitu Murungi and CORD led by Hon James Orengo were rendered useless as the government forced its rules in the illegal parliament session as termed by CORD members.

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