Erick Omondi with his Italian girlfriend. PHOTO | BANA
Erick Omondi with his Italian girlfriend. PHOTO | BANA

A case in Embu complicated the matters a which a married couple can either be identified or not through the use photos. 

" Even if you are married for 10 years, with no marriage certificate, photos cannot act as evidence that you are married." Embu high court judge stated.

Married people cannot use photographs as evidence of their union, the High Court in Embu has ruled in a dispute pitting a woman against her stepdaughter.

"The pictures can only be used to tell a story about people and their interaction," Justice Florence Muchemi said on Monday.

A case filed by Njagi’s daughter Annette Wandia against Ms Irene Waithira, who claimed to be her stepmother in order to get a share of Mr Njeru Njagi estate.

Ms Irene Washira gave 13 photos she took with her claimed husband. The court declined the evidence saying the only document court understand is Marriage certificate.

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