ICJ to give Kenya-Somali marine border verdict. PHOTO | ICJ
ICJ to give Kenya-Somali marine border verdict. PHOTO | ICJ

Kenya could lose valuable land to Somali. 1000Km of Kenyan sea could be headed to Somali.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to deliver its verdict on the Kenya-Somalia maritime border dispute by September 19, 2019.

The Kenyan government could lose valuable resources found on the 1000 miles(100,000 square miles). 

Somalia sued Kenya at the ICJ in August 2014, seeking to redraw the sea boundary to a diagonal flow, an extension of the land border south of Kiunga, and objecting to Kenya’s current view where the border flows directly eastwards.

If the ICJ agrees with Mogadishu’s view, the change in the boundary could affect about 100,000 square kilometers of the sea, limiting Kenya’s access to the waters said to contain valuable hydrocarbons.

The government took KDF to Somali to secure its boundaries. The government also wanted to construct a wall separating the two countries.

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