Desert locusts in North Eastern Kenya.  PHOTO | BMS
Desert locusts in North Eastern Kenya.  PHOTO | BMS

Locusts are different from Grasshoppers. Locusts and grasshoppers are full of proteins.

Communities from the Bantus are associated with eating those insects. Tribes like Mijikenda, Gikuyu, Luhya, and Kambas used to take those proteins since the 1940s.

How to prepare Locusts

During the invasion in western Kenya, according to Mzee Shiamwana, locusts were either roasted in the fire or steamed in pots and a little salt added.
The insects can also be fried in oil for a few minutes until they turn brown and crunchy. You can add some onions, salt, and tomatoes to your liking.

According to Moshe Basson, a chef and founder and owner of the Eucalyptus restaurant in Jerusalem, Israel, the insects can be added to boiling broth or a tasty soup made of water in which bones, meat, or vegetables have been simmered.

“Drop the locusts into a boiling broth, clean them off, and roll in a mixture of flour, coriander seeds, garlic chili powder. 

Then deep-fry them,” he told the BBC during an interview on eating locusts after a 2013 locust invasion in Israel.

Here is the recipe for Moshe Basson’s Crisp Grasshoppers (Use around 25 locusts)
1. Prepare around 2 litres of vegetable stock with a little turmeric added to it.
2. Place the locusts in the boiling stock. Cook for about 3 minutes.
3. Drain the locusts and let them cool a bit.
4. Twist off their heads, and this will ensure that you pull out their black, threadlike entrails.
5. Remove the wings and small legs from the cooked insects.
6. Make a seasoned flour using 4 tablespoons, 3/4 teaspoon salt, a little pepper or chili powder, a shake of ground coriander, and dried garlic pellets. A typical, simple seasoned flour can be made with simple ingredients like salt, pepper, and flour.
7. Roll the precooked locusts in a beaten egg, before rolling them in the seasoned flour. Shake the excess flour off.
8. Fry in olive oil for 1 1/2-2 minutes, till it turns a golden brown.
9. Serve with lemon tahini sauce.

It can be served with any heavy food.

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