More Kenyans found positive of the naval virus in Uganda and Tanzania

Uganda Ministry of health officials on press conference
Uganda Ministry of health officials on press conference

Due to total lockdown in Uganda, the Ugandans demands a statement from the Ministry o Health about the increased cases of the naval virus from the neighbouring countries getting to Uganda. The majority said that most of the cases in Uganda are imported from Kenya and Tanzania.

On 23rd April 2020, Uganda confirmed imported cases from truck drivers from Kenya and Uganda.

President Yoweri Museveni statements will either brought relief to Ugandans or increase fears from the imported cases if they will continue to be allowed.

The Ministry outlines the cases as;

  •     11 new COVID-19 cases confirmed
  •     6 Tanzanian truck drivers who arrived via Mutukula Border post
  •     5 Kenyan truck drivers; 3 arrived via Malaba and 2 arrived via Busia
  •     Total Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Uganda is now are 74
  •     Total COVID-19 recoveries in Uganda: 46

" 3 Kenyan truck drivers have returned to Kenya. Individuals under institutional quarantine in Entebbe and Kampala are 90 while Individuals under quarantine in upcountry sites are 360. Total people under quarantine are 450. People that have been discharged while are 46 and COVID-19 confirmed cases are 63, " Ministry of healthy in a Press statement said.

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