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Maua Sama upcoming bongo star. FILE

Bongo upcoming star Maua Sama constructs TZ 500,000,000 Million worth house. She says her dream house is yet to be planned.

She dropped hit songs likes iokote, Katu katu, Nioneshe, Mapenzi Niue among others.

" I started to sing about five years ago all thanks to Mwana FA. Mwana FA introduced me to the industry, he was the one who found me, he heard a couple of songs that I did back then and I think he liked my voice then he called me and at first I thought he was a douche bag or some sought of a liar, " she said.

Maua Sama has more than 10 hit songs. She says Mwana FA rescued her talent and best wishes to him.

She adds that in the next few years, she will be on the ranks of lady Jaydee.

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