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NARC-K boss Martha Karua. FILE

NARC Kenya party now backs on shooting down the Building bridges Initiative saying it will balloon the current wage bill.

According to the party leader Martha Karua, the new constitution has not been fully implemented and there is not to amend the current constitution.

" How far have we departed from old constitutional order since we promulgated the new constitution? We repainted former DCs to County Commissioners. 2010 constitution required us to comprehensively overhaul the old. What consequences for not doing so?"

"Without checks and balances, many people will preach water and drink wine. That is why we have the Constitution, not only to uphold and to defend. A national conversation at all levels is needed. "

" Why is the national government expanding rather than reducing? The old structure/order has been substantially been retained. This is hindering the meaningful implementation of Devolution."

"What exactly is the 9-Point Handshake that is not detailed in the Constitution? What is the status of the constitution implementation? Have we done a comprehensive, participatory audit of 2010 constitution implementation?"

"Ten years is not enough to make the judgement to tear down a constitution, and one that has been undermined more than implemented and respected," Karua concluded.

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