After trolling on Mulamwah, KOT has started body-shaming Mr Bravin Yuri. 

Mr Yuri is among the top social media influencers with a huge following. 

DCI summoned Mr Yuri. He was accompanied by popular artists in support. 

However, KOT started body-shaming after his photos went viral on Monday. 

Several people have condemned the action saying the who created everybody is God and had a purpose.

" I see only the one community being hurtful to each other, bringing each other down, harshly and with quick judgements," 

" The only way to tackle cyber-bullying is by creating awareness and promoting the importance of digital empathy and digital etiquette.  All shall be well Bravin Yuri," a fan posted.

" Only judge, troll, hate, bully, criticize and condemn people when you know your destiny is safe and you will never cross paths with them ever. Bravin stay strong and keep focusing on your life man, " 

" That's why I always opine. On social media, you have no friend. You have no supporter. You owe us nothing. Tweet your mind and move on, "

" Those who used to glamour at Bravin are now body shaming him. Then tomorrow they will be asking him to speak on their behalf. Hypocrisy, " another influencer posted.

These trolling actions have been rampant, especial on Twitter.  However, people forget that the man is a media, God is the creator of all.

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