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An Action Movie between Keanu Reeves alias John Wick and Charlize Theron rocks the hearts of many action movies fans. " The Old Guard" depicts the evolution of Charlie Theron.

Charlize Theron’s Andy lies on the floor helplessly, her body riddled with bullets.

She’s dead, but only for a moment. Her eyes stretch, breath exits her mouth, and she stands up, thrusting into an assault upon the men who gunned her down.

Adorned with a labrys and a gun, she gashes and shoots her way through the squad of inexperienced mercenaries alongside her small team of eternal warriors.

Andy’s movements are swift and juicy without surrendering the brutality of her strokes.

It’s clear Theron has taken to the intense choreography, her skill as a touching performer balanced by skill as an on-screen fighter.

At this point, Theron’s mastery of both facets doesn’t come as a surprise, but it would ring false to say that it isn’t stunning to witness nonetheless, much in the same way it’s still remarkable to watch Keanu Reeves shoot his way through Manhattan as John Wick.

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