Kapsabet County Referral Hospital isolation ward
Kapsabet County Referral Hospital isolation ward. FILE

Kenya records 960 Coronavirus positive tested cases on 26th July. Out of the total infections, Somalia has the highest number of its citizens who have contracted the disease at 96.

India follows with 59 nationals and China is third with 47 nationals.

The UK has 37 nationals, Uganda 24 nationals, Tanzania 20, South Sudan 19, Ecuador(12) and Sri Lanka(12).

The United States of America (11), France and Burundi each have 10 nationals, Congo and Pakistan every 8 nationals, South Africa and Ethiopia every 7 nationals, Rwanda 6 nationals, Canada, Bangladesh and Nigeria every 5 nationals.

Kuwait and Austria have 4 nationals each, Cameroon, Mexico and Nepal 3 nationals each and Portugal 2 nationals.

Mongolia, Italy, Ireland, German, Netherlands, Denmark have two nationals each and Algeria, Brazil, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, Guinea, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Malagasy, Malawi, Malaysia, Filipi, Romania, Saint Lucia, Togo, Turkey and Ukrian each with 1 national.

Nairobi leads with the highest number of infections at 10, 288 followed by Mombasa at 1,950 then Kiambu with 1, 141 cases.

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