Students getting pregnant in schools more than last year

Class 7 and 8 pupils in Kenya cannot do a simple mathematical task.

People’s Action for Learning (PAL) report shows that 32 per cent of these pupils cannot tell simple data display, time and day and date on the calendar.

The report entitled International Common Assessment Numeracy –ICAN was released on Thursday.

The release shows 64.1 per cent of pupils in the two classes found it easier to read and tell what time it is while 26.3 per cent task had no clue.

8 per cent found it harder to read the calendar and tell what day or date it was.

More pupils could tell the time (91.3%) than they found it easier to tell the day or date (71.4%) the study shows.

Cumulatively, 67.4 per cent of the pupils could perform both tasks but only 45.5 per cent could tell time, while 67.9 per cent could tell day and date.

Some 75 per cent of this group said they could tell the day and date, while 55.4 per cent could tell the time.

The survey was conducted in 2019 in 13 low and middle-income countries.

In Kenya, the survey was done in Machakos, Mwala sub-county. That could also be the reasons why many teenage girls are getting paged from the poor families than in Rich or middle income families.

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