The kids who reported missing the found at a police station dumped.

Two children who went missing last month have been found dead and their bodies ditched at a police station

However, the bodies were found with no hair, teeth, and private parts.

A homicide investigation has been launched. However, the incident has shocked many as investigations continue.

Bodies of the two, aged three and four, were found in an accident wreckage car parked at Athi River Police station. 

The investigations include car owners, family, and possibly an outsider killer. 

The children were recognized as Alvina Mutheu and Henry Jackson. 

But police said the two children were reported missing more than three months after the car was towed to the station following an accident on Mombasa Road, making them believe they must have been killed and their bodies were taken there.

 “It is very strange because the vehicle had been at the station for more than three months before they were reported missing,” a police officer at the station said.

 Athi River Police Chief Catherine Ringera said an investigation had been launched on the mysterious murders. Parents of the two children have positively identified them.

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