Police Van in kitui

A senior police officer shoots on the leg of a middle-aged man, who works as a cashier at a Kitui alcohol store on Friday, August 21 after a bribe conflict.

Red Carpet wines and spirits joint in Kalundu Market, Kitui Town cashier Philip Mutunga alleges that the deputy area OCPD shot him after he gave him Ksh3,000 bribe instead of Ksh10,000 that the senior Police had asked.

The deputy OCPD was avowedly asking the protection after he found the joint operating past the government-set 7 pm required time.

“He came at around 8 pm and found our joint open. He said we had ridiculed Government directives on COVID-19, and that we should give him Ksh10,000 as a bribe,"  Philip said.

"We gave him Ksh3,000, which he refused to take. While bargaining with him with the cash in my hands, he lashed out a gun and shot me in the leg,” said Mutunga, after being discharged.

Mutunga’s colleague, Nancy Joseph, who works as an attendant at the alcohol joint, testified that the OCPD hit her in the head with a beer bottle.

“I did not provoke him, therefore, I don’t understand why he crashed a beer bottle against my head, leaving me with cut injuries,” said Nancy.

 “I am asking authorities to arrest and prosecute the suspect instead of breaking their bodies like my co-worker and I severe bodily harm,” she added.

The liquor joint owner, Vincent Musyoka, claimed that the deputy police boss in Kitui Town fired a shot at him, but the bullet missed him.

In the skirmishes, one of the police officers who was answering to a distress call accidentally shot himself in the leg and was taken to Kitui County Referral Hospital for treatment.

Kitui County Police Commander Johana Tonui, however, defended the deputy OCPD saying the suspect was defending himself after revellers tried to wreck him.

“He was acting in self-defence when a stray bullet hit Philip in the leg,” said OCPD Tonui, assuring in-depth investigations into the episode.

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