CAS Wavinya Ndeti blocked by Chinese contractor at Likoni channel, Photos
Transport CAS Wavinya Ndeti. FILE

 Mvita DCC Charles Monari Puts a Chinese Engineer in his place after he denied access to CAS Wavinya Ndeti to who wanted to inspect the Likoni Footbridge project.

Drama followed on Wednesday afternoon (August 12) at the Likoni channel in Mombasa after a Chinese contractor endeavoured to block Transport Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Wavinya Ndeti from leaving a construction site citing lack of communication.

The angry contractor, who works for China Road Corporation, said he needed to know who CAS Wavinya Ndeti was, and why she visited the site without seeking his permission.

“I am the chief engineer tasked with completing this project. Why wasn’t I informed of your visit to this site,” the contractor asked Ndeti.

Mvita Deputy County Commissioner, Charles Monari, tried to explain to the site manager who the CAS was, but the rogue contractor could not listen to any.

Mr Monari, thereafter, pushed the site manager aside to allow CAS Wavinya Ndeti to leave the site.

“I do not have to seek anyone’s permission to visit a construction site funded by the taxpayers’ money, " Wavinya Ndeti said.

The Ksh1 billion project, a footbridge at the Likoni channel, which is scheduled for completion in December this year, is said to be behind plan.

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