Blogger Edgar Obare suffered food poisoning after eating prawns tagliatelle at Artcaffe


Popular blogger Edgar Obare suffers food poison
Popular blogger Edgar Obare suffers food poison. FILE


Arguable blogger Edgar Obare endured food poisoning after eating a seafood at a popular city restaurant, Artcaffe on Saturday, September 5.

After undergoing emergency treatment, he shared his death tempting moments at the city restaurant.

"The medics said I was having an anaphylactic shock and I came very close. Thank you to that Naivas chemist and Nairobi Hospital for saving me," he stated.

A snapshot of his receipt determined that he had bought Apple juice, Chai Latte, Presto Chicken, Prawns Tagliatelle and a bottle of water.

His tense scene occurred moments after he completed his meal, with the first danger sign emerging in the form of an itchy throat and teary red eyes.

 "I have apiaries all over my neck and it’s itchy. I stand up to go downstairs to the counter to get some water. I go to the bathroom and see my face in the mirror is all swollen and my eyes are bloodshot," he narrated.

It was at this point that he recognised how bad the situation. He immediately motioned his friend and asked to be hastened to the nearest hospital.

Their first stop was at a clinic at Capital Centre along Mombasa Road, however, they got there at 4:30 p.m. and found that the health centre was closed for the day.

They Googled to locate the nearest hospital, the two then rushed into the Naivas supermarket located within the same building and purchase two antihistamine tablets at the chemist counter.

Obare hurriedly placed the tablets under his tongue as per the chemist's advise.

The two then made their way to Nairobi hospital where Obare received injections of chlorpheniramine, hydrocortisone and cotipred and spent more than two hours in the hospital bed.


Popular blogger Edgar Obare suffers food poison


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