Deputy President William Ruto



Deputy President William Ruto youth empowerment program approached by criticism from the Raila-Uhuru side.



Already they have nicknamed the program as a Wheelbarrow project and further termed it as Wheelbarrow nation from Hustler Nation.



"As an mp, overseeing CDF, there were no wheelbarrows & carts. As a minister, there were none. As number two, the first term, none was there. When friction entered Jubilee & a faction created, desperate moves for church Harambee, Wheelbarrows, carts, the tag of hustler started. Why? "Philip Etale stated.



"I'm seeing a situation where William Ruto will form a political party with a wheelbarrow as the party symbol then will push a narrative of the Rich VS the Poor, " Ogola Joseph, a diehard ODM member posted.



" Just imagine for a minute if the cost of doing business in Kenya was easy and access to affordable loans made simple. How many of our youths would be travelling to Guangzhou and Dubai weekly for business. But folks will still tell you that a wheelbarrow is empowerment, " another one posted.


" The Ruto side has angered the handshake side into demeaning/mocking/looking down on Juakali, wheelbarrows, mkokotenis etc otherwise known as hutslership. In other words, they have created a war between over 90% of Kenyans & team handshake. How will team handshake get out of It?, " another one posted.

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