Former NTV journalist, Lolani Kalu, found at his home village in Kaloleni undergoing difficult condition after being fired unceremoniously from Nation Media Group in 2018.

In 2018, the gifted Swahili journalist was among a group of top reporters who were fired from NTV through an extensive lay off action.

Lolani Kalu disappeared after losing his job and surprising details about his current state have surfaced.

Twitter influencer, Asmali, wanted to know the whereabouts of Lolani Kalu.


Lolani Kalu NTV Kaloleni

After investigating, he found out that the former journalist is going through tough times at home.

Kalu relocated upcountry where he is grappling to make ends meet.


He is asking for financial help from Kenyans.

 "A few days ago I asked about the whereabouts of journalist Lolani Kalu. Today Chief Inspector Siyat of Kaloleni Station has found him. I have spoken to Lolani. He is going through hard times and seeking for your help. His number is 0720554930. Kindly send him what you can. Thanks," Asmali posted.

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