Tuskys supermarket in Kenya

Sannex Auctioneers announces on local dailies that they will on Tuesday, September 22 auction Tuskys’s merchandise in Donholm, Nairobi after the Tuskys Supermarket administration unable to raise Ksh30.8 million rent for its Greenspan branch.

Last month, Syndicate Agencies Ltd., a loss control and risk management company, filed a petition alleging that Tuskys was unable to pay a Ksh30.8 million debt that had accrued over three years.

In the court papers filed on August 12, the company added that it had done a thorough search and discovered that there was no cash in any of the Tuskys’s bank accounts and that no financial institution held money on behalf of the retailer.

Syndicate Agencies Ltd. invited other creditors to join in the suit.

On September 14, Sannex Auctioneers hindered Tuskys from opening its Greenspan doors over the unpaid dues.

“They owe the landlord over Ksh30 million in rent arrears. The money has been pending for a long duration,” a representative of Sannex Auctioneers said Monday.

The retailer, which is seeking to sell a majority stake in a rescue attempt, reportedly owes its suppliers up to Ksh6.2 billion in dues.

On September 17, Sannex Auctioneers posted an advertisement on the local Newspapers, saying they will continue in the auction of Tuskys’s goods to recover their client’s Ksh30 million and will be done at Greenspan Mall on Tuesday, September 22 beginning 10:30 am.

“Duly instructed by our principals, the landlords, under the Distress for Rent Act and Auctioneers’ Act, Laws of Kenya, we shall sell by public auction the under-mentioned goods, " stated the auctioneers in their advert.

“Assorted fast moving consumer goods such as flour, sugar, fast-moving and cosmetics products,” they added.

Other products to be sold at the auction are electronic items, including fridges, music systems, cookers, washing machines, freezers, chillers, dispensers, TV sets, vacuum cleaners, DVD players, iron boxes, mobile phones, ovens, meat mincers, and much more.

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