Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi Photo


It hurts to see someone's husband being perfect and the wife shower praises while someone getting annoyed with what she sees at home.

Married to Grace Ekirapa, Pascal Tokodi is the perfect husband.

He is a monster in the kitchen. He is not like men who sit on the couch spreading legs up or playing Play Station when the wife is busy making a whole meal.

Done hospitality, Pascal does what he knows. He is one of the rare husbands as claimed by the wife.

Taking to social media, she explained that she needs to find a new activity for him in the kitchen, now that they have transformed it with machines.

The last couple of weeks has seen the two declare their love for one another after denying it for so long that they were married.

 The doubts started after the release of their video, 'You' featuring King Kaka. They seem comfortable with a triumphant ending.

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