Mweiga Primary School in Nyeri
Mweiga Primary School in Nyeri.


Jubilee Government has been criticised by citizens after pictures of Pupils learning under trees went viral. 

One of the schools were from Central Kenya. Pupils learn under trees at Mweiga Primary School in Nyeri. Half of the school population had lessons under trees in a bid to observe social distancing. 


Learning under trees can be good, but only for some lessons not for all lessons every day.

"We know you studied abroad and can't relate to the struggle of ordinary Kenyans, but please stop humiliating poor people. We might be poor and desperate for free education, but we won't allow you to take away our dignity. Stop this humiliation, please, " says Mr Gabriel Oguda.

" In a country that has spent tens of billions building county HQs, governors residences, county assemblies but no, children can learn under trees, we have no billions for schools, " said Mathew Wandera.

" Where are the desks? Pupils cannot be studying under the tree with no desks too. So chiefs should make sure that all learners are back to school irrespective but for the last 10 months desks can't be delivered, " Njoroge Kagwanja said.

Mweiga Primary School in Nyeri

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