Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina and Raila Odinga
Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina and Raila Odinga. FILE


Rev Canon Sammy Wainaina, Provost at All Saints Cathedral during a mass on Sunday blasts President Uhuru Kenyatta, ODM chief Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto over their divisive politics.

“We have money for BBI yet we don’t have the same to build schools as our children learn under trees. Counties cannot receive 15 Percent of their allocations yet we are being told that they will get 35 Percent if BBI is passed. If you can’t give 15 Percent, how will you give 35 Percent?” he said.

" BBI will not solve your problems. Kenyans need opportunities for employment, road networks, markets, quality healthcare and education.

"The President has EACC, DPP, NIS... Either the government knows who steals Kenyans' money or is part of the stealing.

"Mr President, what are you telling Kenyans when you confess such [KSh. 2B is looted daily]? That you are defeated?

"It is very sad that Christians now refer to corruption as a breakthrough or a blessing.

" When your tribal man becomes the President or takes the five top seats as per the proposal of BBI you will remain poor... What we need as Kenyans are opportunities for employment, road networks, quality healthcare and quality education for every Kenyan.

"You are going to destroy Kenya if you don't close your churches to politicians ~ Rev. Sammy Wainaina tells church leaders.

"Those tenders you do there and you corrupt your way by bribing don't bring blessings on you. You will see the effects of those things even on your children, " he concluded.

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