EX-NASA economic strategist David Ndii photo

EX-NASA economic strategist David Ndii was on receiving end on Thursday after lashing out alleged toxic Men during Men's Conference debate online.

"Who is lying to young men that toxic masculinity is an African cultural badge of honour? " he said.

"If you expect you can date a career woman, marry and next day you’ll be putting your feet up as she keeps house, you are delusional, " he added.

He added that Men who expect carrier women to do house chores have serious and low self-esteem.

 "You have serious self-esteem issues to deal with. Even my mother who is close to 80, let alone my wife, was never a housekeeper. I cook more often than my wife does, " he said.

"My father cooked. My grandfather cooked. Idiots. Go to the village or ask your aunties to find a class 8 graduate bimbo you can impress with your mtumba toyota, " he added.

He was welcomed with criticism over his post as a son od Mumbi.

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