Bongo Star Lulu Weds DJ Majizzo wedding photos
Bongo Star Lulu and DJ Majizzo wedding photos. Courtesy | EFM


Bongo actress Elizabeth Michael who is commonly known as Lulu officially weds Francis Ciza alias DJ Majizzo.

Majizzo is the founder of EFM and TVE Tanzania. 

The 25 years old Lulu was convicted due to the death of Bongo star Steven Kanumba in 2012.


Bongo Star Lulu and DJ Majizzo wedding photos

In 2013, lulu won the Zanzibar International Film Festival award for Best Actress for "Woman Of Principles". Later, the actress won 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Movie Eastern Africa. 

DJ Majizzo is a Tanzania Businessman with E-empire in Tanzania. 

Their relationship started five years ago. However, none put it public until their wedding day on 16th February 2021. 

Majizzo is also a DJ in his FM and Television station in the country. 

Lulu was featured on Slayqueen series, Mimi series, Mke Wangu bongo movie, Ndoa ya Heshima featuring Steven Kanumba, Family Tears among others. 

Bongo Star Lulu and DJ Majizzo wedding photos

Majizzo said this was the wedding of his dreams.  He had always dreamed of a wedding like this.

" Very few people, a little ordinary and that is what I wanted. MY DREAM IS FULFILLED, " DJ Majizzo said.

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