Tahidi High actor Peter Kamau Kinuthia crying video

Tahidi High actor Peter Kamau Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh shares his heartbreaking Story as he breaks into tears. He says he is broke and facing eviction over rent arrears. 

Omosh says he is surviving on the fate of his friends. The battle came after the fallout of the popular Citizen TV Tahidi High show.

Kamau who is Tahidi high pioneer in the popularisation of sheng. Fighting poverty and depression, currently jobless and surviving via the mercy of friends as stated by his friends.

The famous actor now plea to well-wishers to rescue him from the jaws of Poverty.

" I would like to get some assistance to get back. Any TV show hook-up will be grateful, " he said.

Omosh said that he has not paid even a shilling towards rent for the past one year - with the rent arrears accumulating to Ksh100,000.

“Providing food and other basic needs for my family has been a major problem. The landlord wants to collect everything from me,” added Omosh who lives in Nairobi's Eastlands area.

To help him pay offset debts, a group of friends have come together to help raise money for him who kept Kenyans entertained on TV. The group also visited Omosh at his home.

He is also facing marital issues, which he says may have been brought about by his failure to cater for his family’s needs.

"Maisha imekuwa ngumu na hata watoi wanakuwa affected na vile maisha yangu imekuwa," said Kinuthia.

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