Harmonize's ex-wife Sarah Michelloti and Harmonize latest news photo

Harmonize's ex-wife Sarah Michelloti opens up about her divorce from her husband Rajabu Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize saying she has not been fully divorced.

 The ex-wife added that she has been tracking the divorce since last year, and has no contact with Harmonize at the moment.

She added that she is using her lawyer to make sure the divorce is over and she gets half of the property they earned during the time they were together.

Meanwhile artist Estelina Peter Sanga well known as Linah has opened up over the trending relationship saying kajala and harmonize are very happy and she loves them because kajala is her friend and like a sister well.

She added that their happiness makes her happy as well.

 "There is nothing wrong with moving on. Im very happy for my sister Kajala," she said.

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