Tahidi High actor Omosh and Jalang'o photo

Tahidi High actor Omosh causes anger to some Kenyans after criticizing Jalas for his move to clear the air over a second appeal for assistance on Friday morning. 

In February 2021, Omosh asked for more help from Kenyans after ceasing to pay house rent, school fees for his children and furnishing for his two wives. 

Led by Kiss 100 presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o, individuals and corporate companies came out in numbers to support Omosh. 

However, months later Omosh has come out to say that he is shattered, once asking for assistance from Kenyans. 

This sparked unrest, with Jalang'o condemning Omosh of being thankless. 

But in his defence, Omosh has said that he had many accrued debts that he resolved using the donations, and now he is broke again.

Talking at Milele FM, Omosh added that only a good job can help him, and not financial contributions. 

"There are many holes I was filling and not all who promised me money fulfilled the promise, for some it was just PR. I had rent arrears amounting to 1 year and a half, I had so much debt.

Even if you give me money, it will be over at some point. But a job can maintain me, my difficulty is getting a job. I can't account for how much money I obtained.

" Right now am remaining with a tiny amount, less than 100k. My duties are big, two wives, children at school," said Omosh. 

On the backlash he is obtaining, Omosh reacted;

"Wanakasirika ya nini? I don't lie, am a Christian, and I am faithful to my religion. He should not be mad at me, no need. I had many loopholes to fill with that money. He shouldn't be mad, above all I am thankful."

According to the entertainer, he has been receiving job requests for places like Garissa, Kericho, Maralal... but has not considered them because his family is in Nairobi.

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